When was the last time you read a roadmap

I have started curating my own content for social media posts and while researching unusual National Days, I discovered today is National Read a Road Map Day.  When I saw this, it instantly reminded me of traveling in Washington DC with my mom and two of my boys roughly 16 years ago.  We rented a car for a few days and this was well before smart phones giving you directions. My mother the planner went to Triple A loaded up on all the books of things to do and maps of the area.  This was also well before you had to pay for extra luggage on a plane – she had an entire suitcase full of maps and things to do.  My middle son William, successfully navigated us to Mt. Vernon, Williamsburg VA, and back to DC.  I recall how proud he was and how proud my mother was of her grandson.  When I do think of maps, I will always remember William with that boyish smile looking at me while giving me directions and how excited he was when we got to our destination by his direction – “I got us here Mom”.

When was the last time you navigated a trip using a road map or a Thomas Guide?  Where is your next road trip?